Ticino & Bellinzona

The Canton of Ticino, a premier tourist location, is know to be the “Sonnenstube” (sunroom) of Switzerland, with clear reference to the pleasant climate of the region south of the Alps bordering Italy. There are many tourist attractinos and the town of Bellinzona, capital of Ticino and location of the tournament, is famous for its medieval castles, UNESCO World Heritage Site since the year 2000.

Bellinzona is easily reached by train or by car and is situated 100 km north of Milan. The nearest international airport is Milano Malpensa.


Accommodation in Bellinzona, or in Ticino, is plenty. However, during the summer season, given the large flow of tourists and other scheduled events in the region, it is important you make reservations well in advance to ensure accommodation for your team.

Here are a few links to lists of hotels, hostels or camping site in the Bellinzona area. We are available for further information or assistance.



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